University Budget Committee

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This website contains information and forms for the college year 2007-08 planning / budgeting process. Please submit questions or concerns to Karen Wall, staff to the University Budget Committee (UBC).

2008-09 College Year

Budget Plan Reports

Divisional Reports

UBC Final Recommendations 2008/2009

Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AAPEC)

Janie Macharg, Director, Student Health
JoEllen Davis, Administrative Services Manager
Farah Fisher, Professor
Maria Hurtado-Ortiz, Associate Professor
Angela Albright, Associate Dean
Georgina Escobar, Upper Division Student Rep
Nancy Erbe, Associate Professor
David Karber, Interim Vice Provost
Christina Luu, Assistant Vice President, Academic Resource Management
Student Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (SAPEC)
Randy Zarn, Chair
Kim Clark, Executive Director, Loker Student Union
Kate Fawver, Professor, History
Shelia Butts, Director, Alumni Affairs
Victoria Herera (student assistant in Office of Student Life)

University Advancement Program Effectiveness Council (UAPEC)

Brenda Knepper, UAPEC Chair, University Advancement
Carol Bosman-Anderson, Associate Director, Student Development
Stephen Jenner, Prof., College of Business Administration and Public Policy
Don Manning, Vice Chair, Loker Student Union Board of Directors (student)
Jean Mctaggart, Administrative Assistant, Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance Program Effectiveness Council (AFPEC)

Karen Wall, AFPEC Chair, Administration and Finance
John Epps, Administration and Finance
Raoul Freeman, Professor, Computer Information Systems
Larry Gray, Director, Student Development
Linda Wise, Student Affairs

President's Office Program Effectiveness Council (PPEC)

Information Technology Program Effectiveness Council (ITPEC)

Jim Strong - Chair, Dean College of Business Administration and Public Policy
Leonardo Martinez, Professor, Chemistry Department
Lisa Chavez, Director, Accounting Services
Randy Sharp, Director Physical Plant
Farah Fisher, Professor, Division of Graduate Education

University Budget Committee:

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