University Budget Committee

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This website contains information and forms for the college year 2005-06 planning / budgeting process.  Please submit questions or concerns to Mary Ann Rodriguez, staff to the University Budget Committee (UBC).

2005-06 College Year

Revised Call to the Divisions, 2005-06 [PDF] [March 14, 2005]
University Goals, Objectives and Priorities 2005-2006 [PDF]
Calendar for Budget Process 2005-2006 [PDF]


Members of the Committee [PDF] [Updated for 2005-06 College Year]
Presidential Memorandum (PM 00-03) [PDF]
Presidential Approval of UBC Recommendations [PDF]

Divisional Summary Report

Academic Affairs [PDF]
Administration and Finance [PDF]
President's Office [PDF]
Student Affairs [PDF]
University Advancement [PDF]

UBC Final Recommendations 2005/2006

Memo - July 21, 2005 [PDF]
Revised Memo - September 21, 2005 [PDF]

Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AAPEC)

Ann Chlebicki, AAPEC Chair, Graduate Education
Lynn Anderson, Administration and Finance
Timothy Chin, Assistant Professor, English
JoEllen Davis, University Library
Farah Fisher, Professor, Graduate Education
David Karber, Professor, Public Administration
Jamie Dote-Kwan*, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Christina Luu*, Chief Financial Officer, Academic Affairs
* Non-voting administrative support staff to AAPEC

Student Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (SAPEC)

Randy Zarn, SAPEC Chair, Student Affairs
Lisa Chavez, Administration and Finance
Walter Jones, EOP and Student Support Services
Isabel Gonzalez, Student

University Advancement Program Effectiveness Council (UAPEC)

Frank Papa, UAPEC Chair, Public Administration
Linda Pomerantz, Academic Affairs
Pimwadee Phumathon, University Advancement
Jean McTaggart, Administration and Finance
Lamel Harris, Academic Affairs
Hanna Mtango, Student
Administration and Finance Program Effectiveness Council (AFPEC)
Kathleen Hughes, AFPEC Chair, Administration and Finance
Raoul Freeman, Professor, Computer Information Systems
Donn Silvis, Professor, Communications
Larry Gray, Student Affairs
John Epps, Administration and Finance
Linda Wise, Student Affairs

President's Office Program Effectiveness Council (PPEC)

Frank Paine, PPEC Chair, Administration and Finance
John Epps, Administration and Finance
Iris Baxter, Professor, Public Administration
Julie Sandoval, Student Affairs
Kathleen O'Connor, Professor, Division of Nursing (DON)

University Budget Committee Documents:

Blue Books:


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