University Budget Committee

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This website contains information and forms for the college year 2003-04 planning / budgeting process. Please submit questions or concerns to Mary Ann Rodriguez, staff to the University Budget Committee (UBC).

2003-04 College Year

Call to the Divisions, 2003-04 2007-08 Budget (Return) [PDF]
Calendar for 2003/04 Budget Process [PDF]
Budget Process and Net Reduction Plan for 2003-04 [PDF]
University Goals, Objectives and Priorities 2001 through 2004 [PDF]


2003-04 President's Office PEC Report [PDF]
2003-04 Academic Affairs PEC Report
2003-04 Student Affairs PEC Recommendations [PDF]
2003-04 Student Affairs Budget Priority List with Recommendations [Excel]
2003-04 Administration & Finance PEC Report [PDF]
2003-04 University Advancement PEC Report [PDF]

2003-04 Net Budget Reduction Plans:

Preliminary 2003-04 Budget Reduction Plan [PDF]

Academic Affairs

President's Office

University Advancement

Student Affairs

Administration & Finance

2003-04 Approved Budget Plan [PDF]

Reference Documents

FAQs on CSU Budget

Members of Committee

Barbara Chrispin, (Chair) ext. 3584
Olivia Ale, ext. 2145
Mel Auerbach, ext. 3453
Lisa Chavez, ext. 3866
Mike Ernst, ext. 3659
Karl Ralph, ext. 3784
Kim Hayward, ASI ext. 3686
Mary Ann Rodriguez, (Staff to the Committee) ext. 3798

Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AAPEC)

Angela Albright, Chair, Faculty, SOH
Lynn Anderson, Staff, Telecommunications Services
JoEllen Davis, Staff, Library
Farah Fisher, Faculty, SOE
Dave Karber, Faculty, SBP
Timothy Chin, Faculty, CAS
Cecile Lindsay, Staff, Academic Programs
ASI Representative TBD

Student Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (SAPEC)

Randy Zarn, Chair, Staff, Student Life
Alonzo Rodriguez, Staff, Student Affairs
Kim Clark, Staff, Loker University Student Union
Tom Rounds, Staff, Budget Operations & Financial Reporting
Ann Chlebicki, Faculty, SOE
Jeff Bookman, CSUDH Student

University Advancement Program Effectiveness Council (UAPEC)

Rudy Vanterpool, Co-Chair, Faculty, CAS
Imani Brown, Staff, University & Government Relations
Ron Prettyman, Staff, Athletics Dept.
Pimwadee Phumathon, Staff, Human Resources
Hanna Mtango, CSUDH Student

Administration and Finance Program Effectiveness Council (AFPEC)

Kathleen Hughes, Chair, Staff, Business & Process Management
Raoul Freeman, Faculty, SBP, Academic Affairs
David Andrews, Faculty, SOE, Academic Affairs
Deborah Veady, Staff, University Advancement
Larry Gray, Staff, Student Affairs
Raymond Montoya, Staff, Physical Plant

President's Office Program Effectiveness Council (PPEC)

Steven Frieze, Chair, Staff, Institutional Research
Judy Case, Staff, SBP
John Epps, Staff, Physical Plant
Gay Goss, Faculty, SOH
TBD, CSUDH Student
Gerardo Pinedo, Deputy, County of Los Angeles

University Budget Committee Documents:

Blue Books:


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