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Proposed Student Success Fee


UPDATE: The Student Success Fee proposal was submitted to the Chancellor's Office on March 25, 2014. Click on the link below to view the proposal.

Student Success Fee proposal 

If CSUDH initiated a Student Success Fee of $280 per student per semester it would generate approximately $7.5 million annually. The funds could support the hiring of academic advisors and faculty, upgrading of classrooms, labs and equipment; in essence, the money would be used to give students the instructional and support services and facilities to help them be successful at CSUDH and beyond.

Expenditure of funds would be monitored by a committee of students, faculty, staff and administrators and an annual accountability report would be generated for distribution to the campus, including to the Associated Students Inc., the University Budget Committee, the Academic Senate, etc.

Consider these facts: the average net price to attend a public 4-year university nationally is $10,471; the CSU average is $6,519; for CSUDH it is $6,095. This equates to fewer resources for CSUDH students in comparison to what students receive at other institutions of higher education across the country and even within the CSU. CSUDH has the second lowest mandatory campus fees in the CSU which places the campus $591 lower than the CSU average of $1,223. (See Chart for additional details [PDF].)

A Student Success Fee will allow the university to invest the funds generated in support of activities, faculty, staff, equipment and facilities that will directly impact CSUDH students. The following are some of the priorities that have already been identified by students, faculty and staff:

  • Upgrade classrooms, laboratories, equipment and other instructional space
  • Increased course offerings to facilitate graduation
  • Hire additional academic advisors
  • Hire additional faculty to expand and support programs and course offerings
  • Expand tutoring hours & subjects covered
  • Increase service-learning & civic engagement opportunities
  • Increase joint student faculty research opportunities
  • Improve library resources including student access to e-resources and e-learning
  • Strengthen career development services for students
  • Enhance graduate school preparation
  • Increase student internships, domestic and international
  • Hire staff to increase student support services such as veteran’s programs, women’s resource center, diversity programs, etc.
  • Upgrade computer labs, software and IT support
  • Increase funding for intercollegiate athletics
  • Enhance student leadership development programs

A conversation about the feasibility and benefit of a student success fee is being initiated with student groups, faculty and staff. The CSUDH community has an opportunity to provide their input via various group meetings, town hall, and via email: studentsuccessfee@csudh.edu

Student Success Fee DH Fee Comparisons 2013-14


Student Success Fee campus and date list