University Seal

University Seal

The official seal of California State University, Dominguez Hills signifies the academic character, history and mission of CSU Dominguez Hills and is appropriately used in support of official CSU Dominguez Hills policies, decisions, ceremonies or other formal actions of CSU Dominguez Hills as an academic institution.

Use of the University Seal

In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal should not be used for relatively informal or routine materials, or for materials not directly related to academic purposes. The CSU Dominguez Hills seal is used primarily as a signal of authentication.

The CSU Dominguez Hills logo should be used predominantly for all general promotion uses, such as marketing publications, most products or merchandise, and annual reports.

A graphic representation of the University Seal is appropriate on materials such as the following:

  • ceremonial documents, such as awards, certificates, diplomas and proclamations
  • commemorative display items created for limited distribution, of high quality, and for a specific purpose
  • formal stationery
  • formal invitations and notecards
  • legal documents
  • financial documents, such as the official university budget, checks and other
    financial papers, where it is essentially a mark of guarantee
  • CSU Dominguez Hills policy manuals
  • signage, as appropriate, in limited usage
  • marketing publications or promotional items as appropriate


University Seal Variations

The seal must be reproduced from an authorized electronic file provided by the University Communications and Marketing office. It should not be redrawn, separated into component parts or modified in any way.

The seal can be rendered in a selection of colors that complement the CSU Dominguez Hills color palette. The color chosen for a particular publication should be coordinated with the color families suggested in this guide. It is properly rendered using the following:

  • Black
  • 40% Black, or lighter if used as a watermark
  • PMS 8383 Gold or CMYK: C-0 M-13 Y-44 K-38
  • White—reversed out of a solid color
  • Bronze—4/C rendered version
The University Seal can also be rendered using special processes. Please consult with the University Communications and Marketing office to select the appropriate process:
  • Metallic silver ink
  • Metallic gold ink
  • Blind embossed or engraved
  • Foil-stamped in silver or gold with a matte finish
The seal should not be combined with another emblem or symbol. Minimum size for the seal is 3/4 inch in diameter.

What the Seal Represents

The CSU Dominguez Hills seal is one of the core trademarks of California State University, Dominguez Hills. Elements of the University Seal include a lamp of learning, graphic icon from original campus logo symbolizing diversity and access, the university’s founding date 1960, a book of knowledge, and the California State University motto, Vox Veritas Vita. The official seal was designed in 2012 by Brenda Knepper. 

What University Seal Represents