University Logo

University Logo Colors

The CSU Dominguez Hills logo is the core component of our visual identity system. It creates a distinctive graphic presence for our institution and serves as an instantly recognizable visual cue for our constituents. It expresses our brand through color, shape, typography and style. The complete mark is comprised of the circular icon and the California State University, Dominguez Hills name carefully crafted in type.

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Logo Color

Basic color options available for the University Logo include:
  • PMS 209 and Cool Gray 9
  • PMS 209 and Black
  • PMS Cool Gray 9
  • Black and White
  • White/reversed

Logo Guidelines

  • Use the logo in its entirety on all CSU Dominguez Hills print and electronic communications. For example, do not combine the circular graphic icon with other typography.
  • Use the logo in an area in which other type is not touching it or superimposed over it.
  • Use only reproduction-quality electronic images of the logos available from the University Communications and Marketing office.
  • Do not attempt to recreate this mark. The logo has been specifically designed through careful kerning and type manipulation to create a unique and collegiate mark to represent CSU Dominguez Hills.

Endorsed LogosEndorsed Logos

CSU Dominguez Hills entities or departments may contact the University Communications and Marketing office to request their own “endorsed logo,” which combines the University Logo with the department name (see samples at left).

CSU Dominguez Hills entities may not promote themselves independent of the university. Secondary logos developed to identify a division, college, department, unit, organization, service, initiative or internal project or program dilute the CSU Dominguez Hills brand and should be avoided.

Please consult with the University Communications and Marketing office before using any logos or icons other than the CSU Dominguez Hills logo. Often, a new logo is not needed to promote a programour office can assist you in developing an identifiable graphic identity using color, typography, or other design elements.

University Logo DimensionsLogo Dimensions
and Clear Space

The CSU Dominguez Hills logo should be a size that is clear and readable in all its uses. In addition, the logo should occupy its own space—maintain a generous “safe” area on all sides of the logo. Note the clearly defined size and spacing limits in the following examples.

  • The University Logo should be no smaller than 1.5” in width.
  • Leave clear space that is half the depth of the red circle around the logo at all times.

Downloadable logo files

Simple Identifiers

In some situations where a very simple identification of CSU Dominguez Hills is required, “CSUDH,” “CSU Dominguez Hills,” or “California State University, Dominguez Hills” may be used by itself in a sans serif font.

Examples where this use is applicable could be on promotional items such as pens, or on publications where there is limited space for a logo. Please consult with University Communications and Marketing for guidelines.

University Logo MeaningWhat the Logo Represents

“Access for diverse people. Transforming lives through education.”

Over several decades, the logo has retained the circular red icon from the original university logo that was designed in the late 1970s. The abstract icon's meaning has evolved to symbolize:

  • Solid half-circle on the left represents the foundation of learning and knowledge that is the university's mission
  • Radiating paths on the right represent the campus community coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to transform lives through education

The logo is identifiable, coherent, and inclusive and has become an iconic representation of CSU Dominguez Hills, omnipresent on university publications, campus signage, stationery, and the website.

Also see Dateline Dominguez article about the history of the CSUDH logo, “Branding CSUDH: No Gain Without Frank Paine”.