University FontsFonts

The typefaces used in university communications are also brand and graphic identifiers and require the same consistency to position CSU Dominguez Hills as a premier educational institution. Approved typefaces for the university logo and descriptors must not be altered.

Three typeface families, Century Gothic, Avenir and Garamond, have been selected for use on CSU Dominguez Hills print communications. These typefaces, a serif and two sans serif families, allow flexibility while maintaining a consistent visual character within the whole range of communication materials:

Sans Serif Fonts

Century Gothic

Headlines and subheadings should be presented in Century Gothic lowercase combined with Century Gothic Bold in all caps, and can be varied in color. Subheads are all white when against an image; varied when on transparency color bar.


Avenir is used for accents and body copy. Use Avenir as a typographic accent in, for example, subheadings, page numbers and captions, and charts.

Avenir may also be used for body copy in marketing and advertising pieces.

Serif Fonts


Garamond is preferred for body copy in text-intensive materials such as reports or books, because of its readability. For body copy, use upper and lowercase letters, and ragged right justification.

The sans-serif Avenir and serif Garamond font families may be freely combined (with a maximum of two type faces in any sentence).

For body copy, the typeface color is generally black, gray, or white (against a color or photographic background or a tonal value of the background color).

Fonts for Correspondence

Cambria or Times New Roman Fonts

For letters, memos, faxes and interoffice communication documents, the use of the Cambria or Times New Roman typefaces are preferred.

Web Fonts

Open Sans

For CSUDH websites, e-newsletters, and other digital communications, the use of the Opens Sans typeface is preferred.

Verdana, Arial, Trebuchet

Verdana, Arial and Trebuchet sans-serif fonts may also be used as alternate fonts for digital communications.