Color Palette

The CSUDH Brand color palette uses the university’s recognized school colors and integrates them into the design of print and digital materials. Using the CSUDH color palettes helps to create a consistent, distinctive look and feel. The palette were also developed to complement the CSU systemwide brand program.

While there is some flexibility to mix these colors, the palette of CSUDH Brand communications should remain light, clean and contemporary with plenty of white space.

To ensure the consistency of the university’s visual identity, Pantone Matching System (Pantone or PMS)* specifications for each color are provided. Use the CMYK, RGB or HEX values equivalent to the PMS colors for four-color printing applications and digital applications.

Primary PaletteCSUDH Primary Color Palette Swatch

Pantone 209
C-0 M-100 Y-41 K-58
R-131 G-0 B-56
HEX #860038

Pantone 124
C-0 M-27 Y-100 K-0
R-239 G-186 B-8

Pantone Cool Gray 9C
C-56 M-46 Y-44 K-10
R-177 G-120 B-123
HEX #75787B

The university's primary color palette consists of CSUDH "Toro Red" (PMS 209), PMS 124 and Cool Gray 9.

These colors should most often be used at 100 percent; screens or tints of Toro Red will result in shades of pink, which should be avoided. At minimum, one of these colors should be present on all visual communication materials.

Please see the University Logo or University Seal sections for detailed information about use of color in the CSUDH logo or seal.

Secondary Colors

The University Communications and Marketing office can assist individual colleges, departments or units with developing communications and color selections that have a unified “look” that conforms with the CSUDH Brand guidelines.

* The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (Pantone or PMS) is a worldwide printing, publishing and packaging color language for the selection, marketing and control of color. The colors shown on this page and throughout this style guide have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the Pantone color standards. For accurate standards, refer to current Pantone publications. Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.