The University Name

Accepted Uses

The California State University, Dominguez Hills brand is much more than a visual identity; the university’s name represents an important component in its unique character and identity. It is important to use the name correctly and consistently to distinguish the university from others in the CSU system and around the country. This ensures that CSU Dominguez Hills will continue to establish name recognition locally, regionally and on a statewide and national level.

California State University, Dominguez Hills

This is the university’s formal name that identifies it as part of the California State University system. California State University, Dominguez Hills is one of 23 campuses in the CSU system.

The CommaWhen the formal, full name appears on a single line title or in copy, the comma is always used, separating California State University from its location at Dominguez Hills. It is incorrect to replace the comma with “at” or “of” or any other connecting word or symbol. In addition, when California State University, Dominguez Hills appears in a sentence such as this one, there is no comma following Dominguez Hills.

CSU Dominguez Hills or Cal State Dominguez Hills

These are acceptable shorter, less formal names for the university. Either is acceptable as a first text reference, as well as subsequent references.


The acronym CSUDH is less preferred, but can be used when space is limited.

Examples of Correct and Incorrect Usage

Formal Name

California State University, Dominguez Hills


California State University Dominguez Hills
California State University at Dominguez Hills
California State University of Dominguez Hills
California State University in Dominguez Hills
California State University – Dominguez Hills
California State University: Dominguez Hills
Cal State University Dominguez Hills

Informal Name

CSU Dominguez Hills
Cal State Dominguez Hills


Cal State Dominguez Hills College
Cal State Dominguez Hills University
Dominguez Hills

Ownership of the California State University Name

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The name of the California State University is a significant asset of the CSU institution, and the CSU Office of General Counsel has the responsibility to protect the CSU name against misuse and infringement. This information is provided to educate students, staff and members of the public about the following policies and law related to the use of the CSU name.

Ownership and Appropriate Use

The California State University is committed to protect against the misuse of its name, not to prevent its appropriate use.

Ownership of the CSU name

Education Code section 89005.5 provides that the name “California State University,” and the names of all of the CSU campuses, nicknames and abbreviations belong to the State of California. Examples of the CSU name include Cal State; California State University, Dominguez Hills; CSUDH; San Diego State University; San Diego State; SFSU; Cal Poly; Sonoma State University; Sonoma State; the California Maritime Academy; Cal Maritime; CSU; and so on.

Misuse of the CSU name

It is inappropriate to use the CSU name without the written permission of the institution for any purpose, including:

  • Designating a business, social, political, religious or other organization;
  • Claiming an affiliation or endorsement of the California State University, where none exists;
  • Advertising any meeting or activity that has the purpose of supporting or opposing any strike, lockout, boycott, or political, religious, sociological or economic activity; and
  • Any other commercial purpose.

Appropriate uses of the CSU name

It is appropriate to use the CSU name to describe a current or past affiliation with the institution or any of its campuses (e.g. employment or enrollment) or otherwise to describe the location of events.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the use of the CSU Dominguez Hills or CSU names, please contact CSUDH University Communications and Marketing at (310) 243-2001 or contact the CSU Office of General Counsel.