The fundamental mission of the Biology Department is to provide an intensive, progressive, and balanced learning experience in cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, and environmental biology to serve a student population that is highly diverse, both in educational and ethnic background, and in academic and career goals. To accomplish this mission, the department offers three baccalaureate programs, an M.S program, and two Minor programs. Recognizing the crucial role of research in science education, the Biology Department is committed to offering research opportunities to all interested and qualified students. The department also offers courses that satisfy General Education Section B2B, and service courses for majors in Clinical Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Studies, Physical Education, and Human Services.

Looking for quick and easy information about the department? See our flatsheets and Undergraduate [PDF] and Graduate [PDF] Student Learning Outcomes now online

See our Undergraduate [PDF] and Graduate [PDF] Student Learning Outcomes now online

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The MS Program in Biology is more accessible than ever - see here for details [PDF], an application form [Word Doc.], and the graduate handbook [Word Doc.]

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