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Alumni Giving

You Can Make a Difference. Every Gift Counts!

Alumni support of California State University, Dominguez Hills through gifts to the university enables us to enhance the resources that help to provide an outstanding education to our students. Our alumni support CSU Dominguez Hills in order to:

  • Demonstrate pride in the university and confidence in the education received
  • Enhance the stature of CSU Dominguez Hills and the value of their degree
  • Ensure that the legacy of excellence passes to the next generation of CSU Dominguez Hills  students
  • Invest in academic programs that make a difference in the community and world
  • Play a leadership role in the life of the campus and community as an involved alumna/alumnus

Meet the 2014-15 Scholarship Recipients

2014-2015 Jamina O. Barnes Scholarship Recipients

Janette Wong SMALL

Janette Wong
Class of 2019, Majoring in Health Science

The Alumni Scholarship has helped me focus on my career without wondering how I would be able to pay off my tuition and school expenses. In fact, this scholarship has helped me gain educational opportunities that will benefit me on my future career. I am very grateful for this scholarship and I would like to thank you guys for providing this scholarship therefore I could pursue my future career.

Annie BravoGraduate
Annie Bravo
Class of 2015, Master in Occupational Therapy

2014-2015 Alumni Scholarship Recipients

Anna H

Anna Harutyunyan
Class of 2019, Majoring in Clinical Science

Being awarded the Alumni Scholarship is a great honor for me and an utmost inspiration to do more, to work harder, and achieve new heights. Besides financial support, this makes me dream and believe that impossible is possible.

Esperanza Torres SMALLEsperanza Torres
Class of 2019, Majoring in Liberal Studies

I'm very grateful with the donors who make the Alumni Scholarship possible for students like me. This opportunity encouraged me to take one more step closer towards my graduation. Furthermore, the Alumni scholarship will reach beyond my own education, it will become a chain of blessings for the future generations of scholars. I look forward to this scholarship. Thank you once again Alumni donors!

Photo of Yesenia Vega

Yesenia Vega
Class of 2016, Majoring in Child Development

My name is Yesenia Vega, a Junior student at Cal State Dominguez Hills. The Dominguez Hills Alumni Scholarship has given me the financial help to push forward through my education, giving me the opportunity to continue striving to reach my career goal.

Jessica Wong

Jessica Wong
Class of 2019, Majoring in Health Science

Thank you for making this scholarship program available. Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to ease the financial burden of college and it has contributed to the fulfillment of my dreams.

Rita Cuevas

Rita Cuevas (B.A., '13, Human Services)
Class of 2019, Master of Social Work

This scholarship will be of great help as it will help me pay for my tuition, books, and other school expenses. It will help me obtain my masters in social work degree.

Sandra CuevasSandra Cuevas (B.A., '13, Human Services)
Class of 2019, Master of Social Work

I am so thankful for all the donations that the alumni department continues to receive. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to complete my graduate studies and obtain my masters degree in social work, as it will allow me to finish paying my tuition and books.

Donna MarshDonna Marsh
Class of 2019, Master in Health Science
Brittany Thompson SMALL

Brittany Thompson
Class of 2015, Master in Occupational Therapy

I feel truly honored to be recognized by the Alumni Scholarship Committee for my academic endeavors. I have been supporting myself financially ever since I started my undergraduate education, so this award will help me a great deal as I continue to pursue my master's in occupational therapy.