Interim Director of Admissions Michelle Taylor (310) 243-2110

Admissions Supervisor Brenda Hernández, (310) 243-2849

Administrative Analyst/Specialist Nancy Rudolph (310) 243-3613

Application Processing/Scanning Diana Negrete (310) 243-3222

Application Processing/Scanning Mayra Aguilera (310) 243-2389

Application Processing/Scanning Gabby Salas (310) 243-3558

Application Processing/Scanning Patricia King (310) 243-3554


Admissions Evaluators

Admissions Evaluator Lead Maritza Solano (310) 243-3601

Admissions Evaluator Lourdes Garcia (310) 243-3168

Admissions Evaluator Jacquilla Bailey (310) 243-2209

Admissions Evaluator Ishaminah Bereal (310) 243-3610

Admissions Evaluator Rosanna Garcia (310) 243-2854

Admissions Evaluator Saul Soria (310) 243-3612

Admissions Evaluator Vanessa Corona (310) 243-2769

Admissions Evaluator Alison Garcia (310) 243-2853

Admissions Appeal Evaluator Victoria Herrera (310) 243-2568

International Admissions Coordinator Nina Zhao (310) 243-2768

Freshmen/Special Populations Admissions Coordinator LaFreida Johnson (310) 243-3611 

Graduate Admissions Coordinator Rosanna Garcia (310) 243-2854


Office of Records and Registration

Interim Registrar Tara Hardee, Ed.D.

Secretary, Registrar Toni Haley

Customer Support Unit

Admissions and Records General Information (310) 243-3645

Customer Support Specialist Aaron Mezgebe

Customer Support Specialist Larry Gaines

Customer Support Specialist Lourdes Ciau


Articulation Officer Cynthia Turner

Degree Audit Analyst Carolyn Veek

Records and Registration Unit

Registration Helpline (310) 243-3645

Registration and Graduation Supervisor Paula Strode

Support Coordinator Michael Warden

Records/Registration Lead Christal Jones

Records/Registration Specialist Theo Mai

Records/Registration Specialist Martin Castro

Graduation Unit

Graduation Evaluator Irma Corado

Graduation Evaluator Julie Martinez

Graduation Evaluator Myeshia Boxley

Graduation Evaluator Maggie Narez

Graduation Clerical Support Khristine Estrada