Graduation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for graduation?

Complete an Application for Graduation [PDF] and submit this form with a $65.00 fee to the University Cashier before the published deadline date of your anticipated date of graduation. (NOTE: You must meet with your advisor to complete your application for graduation.)

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When should I apply for graduation?

All students should apply for graduation no later than the published deadlines which are typically about a year in advance of the semester you plan to graduate. Bachelor degree candidates are encouraged to apply for graduation if they have earned at least 100 semester units or have less than 10 courses to complete.

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When will I receive my Degree Check?

Students should login to their MYCSUDH account to view their degree progress report to any outstanding degree requirements.

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Why does the Graduation Evaluation show I need the courses in which I'm currently enrolled?

The Graduation Evaluation reflects all courses outstanding including those in progress. Course requirements are not met until final grades are assigned.

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I received my Associates degree from a Community College. Why are you holding me for General Studies requirements?

The Associates degree is not the same thing as General Education (GE) Certification. CSUDH Bachelor degree candidates must meet all CSUDH GE requirements or be GE Certified via their Community College.

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What is GE Certification?

GE Certification is where the Community College certifies that you have completed General Education according to their GE plan. This plan may differ from Cal State Dominguez Hills' GE plan, but is accepted as meeting lower division GE requirements.

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How many units/courses can I have outstanding and still graduate?


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Can I go through Commencement Ceremonies and finish my courses later?

Spring Commencement Ceremonies are for those students that have graduated the previous Summer and Fall and are candidates for Spring or Summer. You may attend these ceremonies if you fall into one of these groups. However, participation in Commencement Ceremonies is not the same as graduating. You will not be able to actually graduate until all of your requirements are met. If you have not completed all requirements by the end of the semester you indicated you will have to change your date of graduation and complete a Request for Change of Graduation Date form and pay a $10.00 fee. You may obtain this form on the Forms web page.

For information about the Commencement Ceremony please contact the Office of Ceremonies and Events by telephone at (310) 243-2666 or by email at

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Can I retake courses after I graduate to improve my G.P.A.?

No. After you have graduated, your record is sealed. No changes will be made to Academic Records once the degree has been completed and conferred.

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What do I need to do if I have been denied graduation?

Students should contact their departmental advisor to review all outstanding degree requirements. Changes or updates to a student's record must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records no later than 2 week after the denial notice to ensure graduation within that term.

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What if I cannot graduate in the term I've applied to graduate?

Students should file a change of graduation form in the Office of Admissions and Records after obtaining the appropriate signatures. This will allow the student to register for an additional term.

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