Division of Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance


The Division of Administration and Finance’s vision is to assist California State University, Dominguez Hills in becoming a leader in serving the surrounding culturally diverse community by maintaining and providing the highest quality campus facilities and administrative services that are conducive to learning, research, faculty, staff and student activities.


The mission of the Division of Administration and Finance is to: (1) provide quality customer-oriented support services which will enhance the teaching and learning environment of the University, (2) further the University's strategic priorities, and (3) maintain the integrity of the institution.

  • Provide efficient, accurate, quality, and customer-oriented services in the execution of all functions.
  • Provide prudent financial guidance and management of the University's fiscal resources.
  • Provide and maintain a reliable and user-friendly information technology environment.
  • Provide a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe work environment.
  • Provide guidance, services and support for employee development, employee benefit programs, and other functions related to employment at the University.
  • Provide a framework that improves communication and information flow to the campus community.
  • Maintain and enhance the University's physical infrastructure.

Core Values

The Division’s success is dependent on conducting our activities and aligning behaviors consistently with our core values as they are uniquely expressed through our interaction with others. 

We value: Integrity by conducting our work, individually and collectively, with the highest standards of performance and quality assurance.

We value: Dignity and respect for our faculty, managers, staff, students and those around us.

We value: Consistency and Innovation by delivering on our promises and performing our work without variance time and time again. We engage the creative energy of our staff in developing innovative solutions to better serve our customers and stakeholders.

We value: Honesty, Trust, and Ethics by cultivating professional relationships that are authentic and open and guided by the highest ethical and legal standards.

We value: Objectivity, Inclusiveness, and Reliability by interacting with others with respect and conducting our work dependably, comprehensively, and with impartiality.


Location: Welch Hall, 4th Floor, B-470

Tel: (310) 243-3750 Fax: (310) 243-3869