Frequently Asked Questions - Records Management

Q. Does RMIS maintain student records?
A. No, student records are maintained in Admissions and Records, and in the Financial Aid Office.
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Q. Are historical records archived in RMIS?
A. No, historical records are archived by the University Library Archives. Contact University Library Archives and Special Collections at (310) 243-3013 for assistance.
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Q. What records are considered archival records?
A. Usually historical data is considered archival records. Contact the University's Library Archives and Special Collection at (310) 243-3013 for assistance.
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Q. Is RMIS responsible for records disposition schedules?
A. No, the State of California is responsible for records disposition schedules. RMIS does have the retention schedule for Standard State Forms.
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Q. Is RMIS responsible for destruction of all State records?
A. No, please call RMIS (310) 243-2513 for additional information.
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Q. What is electronic filing?
A. Documents are scanned into an imaging management system that is converted into an image. When you need to look at a document later, instead of fumbling through filing cabinets, you simply ask the RMIS System to locate it for you. You can then view the document right on the screen of your computer or route it electronically for others to see.
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Q. How can an electronic document be retrieved?
A. By creating up to twenty-five index fields, you are able to request document(s) using field-specific criteria. The RMIS System Administrator will design each field to meet your needs.
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Q. Can other departments see my records?
A. No, each department will have their own folder with an assigned folder-specific password. Only those individuals granted access rights to a particular folder, may access that folder.
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