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Q. What information should appear on a requisition?
A. Vendor name, address, phone number, contact name, quantity, item number and description of the items requested. Requisition number, date submitted, date requested (give a real date - "ASAP" does not assist the buyer in prioritizing requisitions), account number (funding source), and authorized signatures for approval. All information should be accurate and legible.
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Q. How long does it take to process a requisition?
A. If all of the necessary information is noted on the requisition, we will do all we can do to meet the time frame designated by the end user. In the case of emergency purchases or on critical purchases, a call to Procurement beforehand will assist the Procurement staff in meeting those expectations. Any supporting documentation (specifications, sole source justifications, or other necessary information) can be discussed at that time so as not to delay the processing once the requisition is here.
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Q. What is the University discount on office supplies?
A. The Office Max discount was negotiated on an item by item basis. By providing the Office Depot item number, Procurement can obtain the University discount for that (those) items.
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Q. What information is necessary to check the status of a requisition?
A. The requisition number is all that is necessary to determine the status if the requisition has been submitted to Procurement.
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