Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Aid Accounting

Q. When will my financial aid be disbursed?
A. All checks are mailed to your current mailing address. The first checks are usually mailed just before the beginning of each semester. All subsequent disbursements are mailed on Wednesday.
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Q. Will I get separate checks or a single check?
A. A single check will be mailed for all grant funds that are ready for disbursement, including Pell, State University Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Educational Opportunity Program, Cal Grants, Perkins Loans, William D. Ford Loans and scholarships.
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Q. I haven't received my financial aid check.
A. If check has been mailed student will need to come in and complete a stop payment form. We usually ask that they wait 7 working days after mailing date before requesting this, however. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to reissue a check.
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Q. I will not attend CSUDH next semester. What do I need to do for my Perkins Loan?
A. You need to have an exit interview. Call for an appointment. If you are not able to come in we will mail it to you.
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Q. Can I defer my payments on my Perkins Loan?
A. Yes, if you are a half-time student, unemployed, temporary disabled, teaching, provided the correct form is completed and returned. Forms can be obtained from our office.
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Q. Is my Perkins Loan reported to a credit bureau?
A. Yes, our billing service, EFG Technologies, reports all advances and status on a monthly basis. It is important, therefore, to let us know your current address and situation.
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