General Accounting

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General Accounting provides the financial record keeping function for the University. We process expenditure transfers; quarterly FIRMS submission to the Chancellor's Office; charges from the Chancellor's Office and State Controller's Office as well as producing the consolidated University Financial Statements for the campus.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about expenditure transfers, month-end closing, or opening a new trust account.

Cecilia Patz, Director of Accounting Services, Ext. 3866
Lorena Raymundo-Yusuf, Manager Accounting Services, Ext. 3052
Angela Phan, Trust Accountant, Ext 2413
Jenny Pham, Student Financials Accountant, Ext. 3112
Fabiola Tene, Financial Reporting Accountant, Ext. 2327
Janet Vanniroth, General Accountant, Ext 2320

2010/2011 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2009/2010 Unaudited CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2008/2009 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2007/2008 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2006/2007 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2005/2006 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2004/2005 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2003/2004 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]
2002/2003 CSUDH Financial Statements [PDF]

Effective with fiscal year 2010/2011, individual campuses of the CSU are no longer required by legislation to biennially issue independently-audited GAAP financial statements.  Rather, campuses of the CSU will be audited as part of the annual CSU Systemwide Financial Statements.  The CSU's Systemwide Financial Statements are issued in January for the previous fiscal year ended June 30.  Click here to view the CSU financial statements.


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