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In PeopleSoft Finance, a financial activity is classified and identified through the use of up to a 33-character chartfield string. This chartfield string plays the same role as the 10-digit account played in FRS.

Powerpoint Presentation on Chartfield String [PowerPoint]

The PeopleSoft chartfield string may be composed of up to 5 distinct chartfields: Account, Fund, Department, Program, Project. These chartfields have the following specific meanings in PeopleSoft:

Account (6 characters)
What the dollars are used for. Plays the same role as the former FRS sub ledger subcode or general ledger account control. Further classified as Asset, Liability, Fund Equity, Revenue, or Expenditure. Codes are based on CSU-standard object codes, and may elaborate on them.

Fund (5 characters)
Where the dollars come from. Plays the same role as the leading digits of the former FRS 6-digit account.  **Please note that with the signing of the 2006/2007 Budget the CSU will now be operating all expenses for the General Fund through the Student Fees Trust Fund and not General Fund. As of July 1, 2006 the General Fund AD006 will only be used by Accounting Services.**

Department (5 characters)
Who’s using the dollars; an organizational unit. Plays a similar same role as the trailing digits of the former FRS 6-digit account.

Program (5 characters)
A further delineation if necessary. All Reimbursed Activities must have a Program chartfield value.

Project (8 characters)
Reserved for construction projects.


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