Common Financial System(CFS)/Peoplesoft

In PeopleSoft Finance, a financial activity is classified and identified through the use of a chartfield string. The PeopleSoft chartfield string may be composed of up to 6 distinct chartfields: Account, Fund, Department, Program, Class, and Project. These chartfields have the following specific meanings in PeopleSoft:

Account [pdf]

  • Represents the nature of the transaction
  • Mandatory chartfield for all transactions
  • 6 characters - numeric
  • Further classified as Asset (1xxxxx), Liability (2xxxxx), Fund Equity (3xxxxx), Revenue (5xxxxx), or Expenditure (6xxxxx).
  • Account codes are based on CSU-standard object codes, and may elaborate on them.  Click here for object code definitions.  Accounts that have a 4th  digit that is 8 or 9 are campus specific accounts that provide a more specific account description.  For example, 660815 is Instructional Supplies which is a further delineation of 660003 - Supplies and Services.

Fund [pdf]

  • Represents the source of money.
  • Mandatory chartfield for all transactions
  • 5 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Example:  AADHT - Operating Fund, FTxxx - Student Fee Trust Funds, MTxxx - Miscellaneous Trust Funds, LTxxx - Lottery Funds, EExxx - Extended Ed Funds

Department [pdf]

  • Represents the campus department that is responsible for a financial transaction based on organizational structure
  • Mandatory chartfield for all revenues and expense transactions
  • 5 characters - numeric
  • Example:  1xxxx - President's Office, 2xxxx - Academic Affairs, 3xxxx - Administration and Finance, 4xxxx - Student Affairs, 5xxxx - Advancement, 6xxxx - IT, 7xxxx - Centrally Monitored

Program [pdf]

  • Represents a further delineation of revenues and expenses as defined by each division, if necessary.
  • Optional chartfield, except for when used in the Reimbursed Fund (REIMB).  All revenues and expenditures in REIMB must have a Program chartfield value to identify the external organization that have to be billed.
  • 5 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Used to track activities that cross multiple fiscal years, with infinite time spans
  • Example:  Axxxx – Academic Affairs, FAxxx – Administration and Finance, ITxxx – IT, Pxxxx – President’s Office, Rxxxx – Billing for Cost Recovery(REIMB), Sxxxx – Student Affairs, Uxxxx – Advancement, Yxxxx – ASI use only, Zxxxx – Budget Office and Centrally Monitored Accounts

Class [pdf]

  • Represents the academic term of the fee revenues; could also be used as further delineation of revenues and expenses when the use of campus specific accounts or program codes does not fulfill the need of the department
  • Optional chartfield
  • 4 characters - alpha, when used with fee revenues, 4 characters - alpha-numeric when used with revenues and expenses

Project [pdf]

  • Used to track activities that cross multiple fiscal years, with finite time spans – i.e. Construction projects, capital improvement projects, campus projects
  • Optional chartfield
  • up to 8 characters, but the University uses 7 characters - alpha-numeric
  • Activities associated with this chartfield may have more than one Department, Fund, and/or Account

To request for a new chartfield, fill out the Chartfield Request Form and send to either Accounting Services or the Budget Office.  For Account, Fund, Program, Class, or Project, email the form to Accounting Services,  For Department, email the form to the Budget Office,

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