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Powerpoint Presentation on Chartfield String [PowerPoint]

In PeopleSoft Finance, a financial activity is classified and identified through the use of up to a 33-character chartfield string. The PeopleSoft chartfield string may be composed of up to 5 distinct chartfields: Account, Fund, Department, Program, Project. These chartfields have the following specific meanings in PeopleSoft:

Account (6 characters)
What the dollars are used for. Further classified as Asset, Liability, Fund Equity, Revenue, or Expenditure. Codes are based on CSU-standard object codes, and may elaborate on them.

Fund (5 characters)
Where the dollars come from. **Please note that with the signing of the 2006/2007 Budget the CSU will now be operating all expenses for the General Fund through the Student Fees Trust Fund and not General Fund. **

Department (5 characters)
Who’s using the dollars; an organizational unit.

Program (5 characters)
A further delineation if necessary. All activities in the Reimbursed Activity Fund (REIMB) must have a Program chartfield value.

Project (8 characters)
Reserved for construction projects.