Letters to the Senate

Letter to the Academic Senate - Senator Villanueva addressed Senate at the May 4th General Faculty meeting regarding Definition of General Faculty

GE Ad Hoc 2016-17

Program Learning Outcomes for the GE program

The CSUDH GE Ad hoc committee's charge was to develop Program Learning Outcomes for the GE program. Please click this link to access several documents are based on the PLOs from Channel Islands. The committee updated the Goals and Outcomes and incorporated language from the CSUDH Institutional Learning Outcomes.

Please keep in mind, like any set of program learning outcomes, these outcomes are very general and are not necessarily in measurable terms.

We hope to hear your suggestions in the comments page of the Senate web site by following the link below. Please let us know your thoughts and concerns about these general education program learning outcomes.

Please click through to review and comment on aforementioned documents.

August 2016

The GE Ad Hoc committee must be guided by the following documents in determining how best to develop Program Learning Outcomes for the CSUDH General Education Program.

  • General Education Breadth at the CSUs is governed by Title 5, as adapted and updated by the Chancellor’s Office in Executive Orders, or EOs.
  • EO 1100 currently directs the basics of GE, advising the campuses of the minimum number of units in the various areas and the distribution of courses across the disciplines.
  • EO 1100 also directs all campuses to map their GE Program Learning Outcomes to the American Association of Colleges and Universities LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes.

May 2016

GE Taskforce end of year report - Dr. Wilkins addressed the Senate on May 4th at the final Academic Senate meeting of 2015-2016

April 2015

General Faculty Meeting re. General Education.  Further supportive documentation from the LDGE AdHoc Committee follows:

February 2015 

Report and recommendations from the CSUDH Academic Senate’s Ad Hoc Committee to Review Lower Division General Education. The committee was established by the vote of the CSUDH Academic Senate on April 9, 2014 which approved EPC-07 the Resolution to Create an Ad Hoc Committee to Review CSUDH Lower Division General Educationwith Dr. Kaye Bragg, chair of the ad hoc committee. The full and final text of the committee’s report is found below and click the following link for a printable pdf of the report.  You can also access all of the supporting documentation used by the committee throughout by clicking through the link. 

December 2014

Review, Deliberations, and Recommendations from the AS GE Ad Hoc Committee

Summary of discussion topics with recommendations from the committee. Members of the committee: Bragg, Jennings, Heinz Balcazaar, Ratanasiripong, Best, Hutton, Dote-Kwan, Caswell, Gadduang, and Gebreyohannes

Series of meetings held in the fall 2014. Committee reviewed and compared GE packages of other CSU campuses to our package based on requirements, units and topics. Additionally referenced Chancellor Office policy 1065 regarding GE areas and unit requirements. Also reviewed WSCUC guidelines regarding core competencies and institutional learning outcomes. The committee proposes three recommendations for consideration:

PDF of Supporting documentation includes:

  • Charge of the committee
  • Policy References
  • CSU Campus Comparison
  • Reference materials and background
  • LDGE AdHoc Committee Minutes