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University Curriculum Committee

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The University Curriculum Committee charge is available to download [PDF].

The University Curriculum Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 10am - 12pm in the Provost's Conference Room #WH-442. The spring 2015 meeting dates are February 11th, February 25th, March 11th, March 25th, April 8th, April 22nd and May 13th.  If you require any additional information, please contact Maya Medina at ext. 3308.

UCC 2013-2014 Report to the Academic Senate

UCC 2014-2015 Report to the Academic Senate

University Curriculum Committee Agenda and Minutes
Meeting DateAgendaSummary
5/13/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
4/22/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
4/8/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
3/25/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
3/11/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
2/25/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
2/11/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
1/28/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
12/8/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
11/10/14 Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
10/13/14  Cancelled 
09/24/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
05/14/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
04/23/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
03/26/14 Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
 02/26/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
02/12/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
11/27/13Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
11/13/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/23/13Agenda[Word Doc] Minutes[Word Doc]
 10/09/13Agenda[Word Doc] Minutes[Word Doc]
 09/25/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/11/13Agenda[Word Doc] Minutes[Word Doc]
04/24/13Agenda [WORD]Summary[PDF]
03/27/13Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
03/13/13Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
02/13/13Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
1/23/13Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
11/23/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
10/24/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
09/26/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
09/12/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
05/09/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
4/25/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
04/11/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
03/14/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
02/22/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
02/08/12Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
12/14/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
11/23/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
10/26/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
10/12/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
05/11/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
04/27/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
04/13/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
03/23/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
03/09/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
02/23/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]
02/09/11Agenda [PDF]Summary [PDF]