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General Education Committee

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General Education Committee Charge, (Supersedes AAAP010.002), Revised and Approved April 25, 2012 is available to download [WORD DOC].

The GE Committee meets the 2nd Monday of the month in WH442 - Provost Conference Room from 10am - 12pm. If you would like further information, please contact Maya Medina at ext. 3308.

GE Committee Report 2014-2015

GE Committee Report 2013-2014 

General Education Committee Agenda and Minutes 2011-
Meeting DateAgendaSummary
03/09/15Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
12/8/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
11/10/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
10/13/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
09/08/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
05/12/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
04/28/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
04/14/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
03/10/14 Agenda[WORD DOC] Minutes[WORD DOC]
 02/24/14Agenda[WORD DOC] Minutes[WORD DOC]
02/10/14Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
12/09/13Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
11/25/13Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
10/28/13Agenda[WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
10/14/13Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes[WORD DOC]
09/23/13Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [WORD DOC]
09/09/13Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [WORD DOC]
05/13/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes[PDF}
04/08/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/25/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/11/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/25/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/11/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/26/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/22/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/10/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/09/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes
03/19/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/14/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/12/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/27/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/13/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
12/12/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/28/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/14/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/24/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/10/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/26/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
05/02/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/14/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/28/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]