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Calls for Faculty Service

CallCommittee# NeededElection DateNotes/Results


5/19/14STATEWIDE Senator19/3/14


3/25/14Staff Represenatative to the Academic Senate 1 full-time staff4/29/14

Anthony Cipriano, Instructional Support Technician Supervisor

 AVP Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment3 from different colleges4/9/14

Jose Lopez Morin, CAH
Kathy Chai, CHHSN
Carl Sneed, CNBS

 Dean, Undergraduate StudiesPartially staffed
Need representative from CHHSN OR CNBS

Natasa Christodoulidou, CBAPP
Brenda Riddick, CNBS
Susan Einbinder, CHHSN

 Vice President for Administration and Finance1 faculty  
 President Hagan's Investiture Planning Committee3 to 5  
 Search Committee VP Administratin and FinanceNeed 3 more Anne Choi, CAH; Kamal Hamdan, COE
9/18/13AVP Of Research and Funded Projects3 faculty from different colleges 10/16/13HK Choi, CNNBS; Pat Kalayjian, CAH; Cornelia Brentano, CHHSN
9/18/13 Student Grade Appeal Committee2 from each college 9/18/13Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar-CAH; Miguel Dominguez, CAH; Gay Goss, CHHSN; Michael Laurent; Carl Sneed, CNBS; Tom Philo, LIB
9/18/13Search Senate IT Committee1 from each college 

CNBS: Matt Jones, CAH: Ellie Zenhari, CBAPP: Larry Press, LIB: Wei Ma, COE: Jeff Miller, CHHSN: Carole Casten, Staff: Nathlyn Hirohama.

9/10/13Search AVP of Diversity & Equity2 faculty 9/18/13Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, MLG, CAH; Kara Dellacioppa, CHHSN
9/4/13AVP Academic Programs and Faculty Development Search Committee  9//4/13Anne Choi; Carol Dales; Kamal Hamdan
9/4/13Senate Rep to GE Committee1 faculty9/4/13Emily Magruder
9/4/13Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee1 faculty9/4/13Vivian Price (CAH)
 9/4/13Provost's Search Committee1 rep from each college and library9/4/13 
9/4/13University Student Learning Outcomes Committee1 faculty from each college9/18/13 Myron Sheu, CBAPP; Denis Williams, CAH; Jianchao Han, CNBS; Terry Peralta, CHHSN; Veronica D'Aquino, Lib;Jim Cantor, COE;
8/12/13Search Committee for Dean of College of Health, Human Services and Nursing1 faculty9/04/13 Jacki Barab
8/12/13Academic Senate IT Committee1 faculty from each college9/04/13 Ellie Zenhari
7/26/2013Search Committee for AVP of Faculty Development Development and Academic Programs1 faculty9/04/13 Kamal Hamden
7/30/2013Academic Senate Rep to General Education1 faculty9/04/13 Emily Magruder
7/31/13Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee1 faculty9/04/13 Vivian Price
3/6/13Search Committee for Senior Director Procurement, contracts, Logistical and Support Services2 faculty3/20/13Laura Talamente, Anne Choi
3/6/13Instructionally Related Activities Committee1 faculty3/20/13Mary Lou Cappel
2/20/13UBC Committee1 faculty from each college3/6/13Theodore Byrn,
Kate Fawver,
Clare Weber,
Caroline Bordinaro,
Kamal Hamden
2/6/13Director of Facilities Planning Search

2 faculty

2/20/13Ann Choi
need one more
3/6/13AVP of Faculty Development

3 faculty

3/20/13Carol Dales,
Anne Choi,
MaryLou Cappel.
2/6/13Director of Facilities Planning Search

2 faculty

2/20/13Ann Choi,
Hamoud Salhi
2/6/13VP of University Advancement

1 faculty from each college

3/6/13Ericka Verba,
Matt Jones,
Patricia Cherin,
Stewart Baker,
Susan Einbinder,
Wang chang Wong
2/6/13Symposium on Student Success

2 faculty

2/20/13Irene Osisioma
Caroline Bordinary
2/6/13Extended Ed Dean's Search

1 faculty

2/20/13Pam Krochalk
2/6/13CMS Enterprise Applications

2 faculty

2/20/13Wai Yan Pong
Leena Furtado
2/6/13Project Manager, Academic Technology

2 faculty

2/20/13Vivian Price
Jim Hill
2/6/13Director, Academic technology (Admin III)

2 faculty

2/20/13Wei Ma
George Jennings
 Director of CBAPP MBA/MPA

2 faculty



10/9/12AVP of Faculty Affairs

1 from each college

11/07/12Kirti Celli,
Ivonne Heinze Balcazar,
Michael Drand,
Kamal Hamden
10/9/12Dean of CAH Search


10/24/12Hamoud Salhi
10/3/12AVP for Human Resources (Admin III)

2 from different colleges

10/10/12Ann Choi and Kirti Celli
9/24/12Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee

1 from CAH

1 from CNBS

1 from CPS

9/26/12CAH-Ann Choi
CNBS-Jackie Barab
CBAPP-Tayyeb Shabbir (10/10/12)
9/6/12Presidents Task Force for CPS19/12/12Leena Furtado
9/6/12Director of Nursing Search19/12/12Hamoud Salhi
9/6/12Dean of CNBS Search19/12/12Kate Fawver
8/31/12Chief Information Technology Officer (Admin IV) Search29/12/12Jim Hill
Linda Goldman
8/31/12UCC19/26/12Laura Robles
8/29/12USLOAC19/12/12Denise Williams
3/19/12Statewide Senator14/20/12Kate Fawver
3/19/12Academic Senate Chair14/20/12Jim Hill
3/23/12Academic Committee on International Programs14/10/12Hamoud Salhi
3/7/12Instructional Related Activities Committee13/7/12Serban Raianu
2/10/12Athletic Advisory Board12/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Carole Casten
2/10/12Athletic Advisory Board12/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Carole Casten
2/10/12Search Committee for Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Admin III23/21/12Ann Choi


1/4/12Search Committee for the Associate Director of Physical Plant (Admin III)22/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Bing Xu 2/15
12/15/11Technology Steering Committee12/1/12Larry Rosen
12/5/11Advisory Committee on Academic Technology12/1/12Wei Ma
10/11Preliminary Investigators111/2/11Dawn Berlin
10/19/11UPC Rep211/2/11Pat Kalayjian and Cynthia Johnson
9/7/11GE Committee Rep19/21/11Debra Best
9/7/11ASI Rep19/21/11Ken Rodriguez
9/1/11CAH Dean's Search19/21/11


Sue Needham
9/1/11CBAPP Dean's Search19/21/11


Ann Choi
8/23/11USLOAC29/7/11Jose Morin
Milt Krivokua
8/23/11Student Grade Appeal Board3 Faculty and 1 Academic SSP9/7/11Jill Aguilar, Salim Faraji, Denna Sanchez and Stephen Moore
4/21/11Preliminary InvestigatorsSeveral Tenured4/22/11John Davis, Nancy Cheever, Dawn Berlin
4/4/11Director of Physical Plant2 faculty4/20/11Anne Choi and Vivian Price
3/22/11Academic Senate Chair1 Tenured Faculty4/14/11-5/1/11Irene Vasquez
3/22/11Statewide Senator1Faculty4/14/11-5/1/11Pat Kalayjian
2/23/11Preliminary InvestigatorsSeveral Tenured3/2/11Richard Kravchak; Deandra Murray
12/13/10Student Grade Appeal Board1 Tenured Faculty2/2/11Sheela Pawar
11/18/10CAH Dean Search1 Non-CAH Faculty12/10Sue Needham
10/22/10CNBS Dean Search1 Non-CNBS Faculty11/3/10Kate Fawver
10/11/10Student Grade Appeal Board1 Tenured Faculty11/17/10Miguel Dominguez
10/11/10USLOAC2 Faculty11/3/10Eric Hwang; Richard Kravchak
10/5/10Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee3 Faculty10/20/10Fumiko Hosokawa; Sharon Sharp; Anne Choi
 USLOAC5 Faculty10/6/10Myron Sheu; Jim Jeffers; Sheela Pawar
 Interview Team, Chief of Police2 Faculty10/6/10Caroline Bordinaro; Diane Miller
 ASI1 Faculty10/6/10Wei Ma
 UBC1 Faculty10/6/10Jim Hill
 UCC1 Faculty10/6/10Jim Keville
9/7/10Student Grade Appeals Board4 Tenured Faculty10/6/10Wei Ma; Bill Whetstone; Kirti Celli
9/2/10Early Start Program Committee2 Faculty9/1/10Tom Gionanatti; Wai Yan Pong
8/19/10CNBS Dean's Search1 Non CNBS Faculty9/1/10Caroline Bordinaro
8/9/10CBAPP Dean's Search1 Non-CBAPP Faculty9/1/10Hamoud Salhi
8/5/10UCC1 Faculty9/1/10Hamoud Salhi elected but then withdrew dur to scheduling conflict

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