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Calls for Faculty Service

CallCommittee# NeededElection DateNotes/Results
3/25/14Staff Represenatative to the Academic Senate 1 full-time staff4/29/14

Nominations are due by 5 pm on Tuesday, April 8th for full consideration.

 AVP Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment3 from different colleges4/9/14

2nd Call
Nominations are due by 5 pm on Tuesday, April 8th for full consideration

 Dean, Undergraduate StudiesPartially staffed
Need representative from CHHSN OR CNBS

2nd Call
Nominations are due by 5 pm on Tuesday, April 8th for full consideration

 Vice President for Administration and Finance1 faculty  
 President Hagan's Investiture Planning Committee3 to 5  
 Search Committee VP Administratin and FinanceNeed 3 more Anne Choi, CAH; Kamal Hamdan, COE
9/18/13AVP Of Research and Funded Projects3 faculty from different colleges 10/16/13HK Choi, CNNBS; Pat Kalayjian, CAH; Cornelia Brentano, CHHSN
9/18/13 Student Grade Appeal Committee2 from each college 9/18/13Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar-CAH; Miguel Dominguez, CAH; Gay Goss, CHHSN; Michael Laurent; Carl Sneed, CNBS; Tom Philo, LIB
9/10/13Search AVP of Diversity & Equity2 faculty 9/18/13Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, MLG, CAH; Kara Dellacioppa, CHHSN
9/4/13AVP Academic Programs and Faculty Development Search Committee  9//4/13Anne Choi; Carol Dales; Kamal Hamdan
9/4/13Senate Rep to GE Committee1 faculty9/4/13Emily Magruder
9/4/13Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee1 faculty9/4/13Vivian Price (CAH)
 9/4/13Provost's Search Committee1 rep from each college and library9/4/13 
9/4/13University Student Learning Outcomes Committee1 faculty from each college9/18/13 Myron Sheu, CBAPP; Denis Williams, CAH; Jianchao Han, CNBS; Terry Peralta, CHHSN; Veronica D'Aquino, Lib;Jim Cantor, COE;
8/12/13Search Committee for Dean of College of Health, Human Services and Nursing1 faculty9/04/13 Jacki Barab
8/12/13Academic Senate IT Committee1 faculty from each college9/04/13 Ellie Zenhari
7/26/2013Search Committee for AVP of Faculty Development Development and Academic Programs1 faculty9/04/13 Kamal Hamden
7/30/2013Academic Senate Rep to General Education1 faculty9/04/13 Emily Magruder
7/31/13Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee1 faculty9/04/13 Vivian Price
3/6/13Search Committee for Senior Director Procurement, contracts, Logistical and Support Services2 faculty3/20/13Laura Talamente, Anne Choi
3/6/13Instructionally Related Activities Committee1 faculty3/20/13Mary Lou Cappel
2/20/13UBC Committee1 faculty from each college3/6/13Theodore Byrn,
Kate Fawver,
Clare Weber,
Caroline Bordinaro,
Kamal Hamden
2/6/13Director of Facilities Planning Search

2 faculty

2/20/13Ann Choi
need one more
3/6/13AVP of Faculty Development

3 faculty

3/20/13Carol Dales,
Anne Choi,
MaryLou Cappel.
2/6/13Director of Facilities Planning Search

2 faculty

2/20/13Ann Choi,
Hamoud Salhi
2/6/13VP of University Advancement

1 faculty from each college

3/6/13Ericka Verba,
Matt Jones,
Patricia Cherin,
Stewart Baker,
Susan Einbinder,
Wang chang Wong
2/6/13Symposium on Student Success

2 faculty

2/20/13Irene Osisioma
Caroline Bordinary
2/6/13Extended Ed Dean's Search

1 faculty

2/20/13Pam Krochalk
2/6/13CMS Enterprise Applications

2 faculty

2/20/13Wai Yan Pong
Leena Furtado
2/6/13Project Manager, Academic Technology

2 faculty

2/20/13Vivian Price
Jim Hill
2/6/13Director, Academic technology (Admin III)

2 faculty

2/20/13Wei Ma
George Jennings
 Director of CBAPP MBA/MPA

2 faculty



10/9/12AVP of Faculty Affairs

1 from each college

11/07/12Kirti Celli,
Ivonne Heinze Balcazar,
Michael Drand,
Kamal Hamden
10/9/12Dean of CAH Search


10/24/12Hamoud Salhi
10/3/12AVP for Human Resources (Admin III)

2 from different colleges

10/10/12Ann Choi and Kirti Celli
9/24/12Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee

1 from CAH

1 from CNBS

1 from CPS

9/26/12CAH-Ann Choi
CNBS-Jackie Barab
CBAPP-Tayyeb Shabbir (10/10/12)
9/6/12Presidents Task Force for CPS19/12/12Leena Furtado
9/6/12Director of Nursing Search19/12/12Hamoud Salhi
9/6/12Dean of CNBS Search19/12/12Kate Fawver
8/31/12Chief Information Technology Officer (Admin IV) Search29/12/12Jim Hill
Linda Goldman
8/31/12UCC19/26/12Laura Robles
8/29/12USLOAC19/12/12Denise Williams
3/19/12Statewide Senator14/20/12Kate Fawver
3/19/12Academic Senate Chair14/20/12Jim Hill
3/23/12Academic Committee on International Programs14/10/12Hamoud Salhi
3/7/12Instructional Related Activities Committee13/7/12Serban Raianu
2/10/12Athletic Advisory Board12/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Carole Casten
2/10/12Athletic Advisory Board12/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Carole Casten
2/10/12Search Committee for Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Admin III23/21/12Ann Choi


1/4/12Search Committee for the Associate Director of Physical Plant (Admin III)22/15/12Vivian Price 2/1

Bing Xu 2/15
12/15/11Technology Steering Committee12/1/12Larry Rosen
12/5/11Advisory Committee on Academic Technology12/1/12Wei Ma
10/11Preliminary Investigators111/2/11Dawn Berlin
10/19/11UPC Rep211/2/11Pat Kalayjian and Cynthia Johnson
9/7/11GE Committee Rep19/21/11Debra Best
9/7/11ASI Rep19/21/11Ken Rodriguez
9/1/11CAH Dean's Search19/21/11


Sue Needham
9/1/11CBAPP Dean's Search19/21/11


Ann Choi
8/23/11USLOAC29/7/11Jose Morin
Milt Krivokua
8/23/11Student Grade Appeal Board3 Faculty and 1 Academic SSP9/7/11Jill Aguilar, Salim Faraji, Denna Sanchez and Stephen Moore
4/21/11Preliminary InvestigatorsSeveral Tenured4/22/11John Davis, Nancy Cheever, Dawn Berlin
4/4/11Director of Physical Plant2 faculty4/20/11Anne Choi and Vivian Price
3/22/11Academic Senate Chair1 Tenured Faculty4/14/11-5/1/11Irene Vasquez
3/22/11Statewide Senator1Faculty4/14/11-5/1/11Pat Kalayjian
2/23/11Preliminary InvestigatorsSeveral Tenured3/2/11Richard Kravchak; Deandra Murray
12/13/10Student Grade Appeal Board1 Tenured Faculty2/2/11Sheela Pawar
11/18/10CAH Dean Search1 Non-CAH Faculty12/10Sue Needham
10/22/10CNBS Dean Search1 Non-CNBS Faculty11/3/10Kate Fawver
10/11/10Student Grade Appeal Board1 Tenured Faculty11/17/10Miguel Dominguez
10/11/10USLOAC2 Faculty11/3/10Eric Hwang; Richard Kravchak
10/5/10Academic Affairs Facilities and Space Committee3 Faculty10/20/10Fumiko Hosokawa; Sharon Sharp; Anne Choi
 USLOAC5 Faculty10/6/10Myron Sheu; Jim Jeffers; Sheela Pawar
 Interview Team, Chief of Police2 Faculty10/6/10Caroline Bordinaro; Diane Miller
 ASI1 Faculty10/6/10Wei Ma
 UBC1 Faculty10/6/10Jim Hill
 UCC1 Faculty10/6/10Jim Keville
9/7/10Student Grade Appeals Board4 Tenured Faculty10/6/10Wei Ma; Bill Whetstone; Kirti Celli
9/2/10Early Start Program Committee2 Faculty9/1/10Tom Gionanatti; Wai Yan Pong
8/19/10CNBS Dean's Search1 Non CNBS Faculty9/1/10Caroline Bordinaro
8/9/10CBAPP Dean's Search1 Non-CBAPP Faculty9/1/10Hamoud Salhi
8/5/10UCC1 Faculty9/1/10Hamoud Salhi elected but then withdrew dur to scheduling conflict

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