Jim Hill, Professor of Physics
Senate Chair

Academic Senate Retreat
8/24/16, LSU
2:30 - 5:00 PM

Executive Committee
7/13/16, WH-420
2:30 - 4:30 PM

8/17/16, WH A-420
3:00 - 5:00 PM

At the meeting in which we "passed the gavel" from Jerry Moore back to me, I said that I was "nearly overwhelmed" by the show of confidence from the faculty in my election, and by the show of concern and engagement in the high turnout for that election. In the short time since that, I, like most of us, have been nearly overwhelmed by the strains of a full load of direct instruction. Now that I have a chance to settle back into the role of Senate Chair, I almost feel overwhelmed thinking about the job ahead this year, but even moreso about the chance to accomplish something for our university. This is something we all share. We can all accomplish something together. Our university has finally been recognized for doing great things, and our continued collective efforts, it can become even greater.

Many details regarding general education still need attention; implementation of plans from the task force on internationalization needs to be addressed; internal senate and faculty business of representation and the role of part-time faculty in shared governance is not all finalized. It's not all just "i-dotting & t-crossing" though. Another WASC review is around the corner, and another strategic plan will be needed soon. Full-time faculty hiring is already proceeding at a rate not seen in recent memory, and construction on new academic buildings is even possible soon. We need, and can give, new direction for the university in a period of growth and righteous optimism that is long overdue.

Once again: I am proud to serve, once again.

As I write this, I have been looking back at what I wrote nearly four years ago at the start of my first term as Senate Chair. So much has changed. Still, I find it apropos to close with the same lines as then: The Academic Senate is a critical part of the structure of this or any American university. It has a significant role in determining what the university is and will be. Like the rest of us, I want that to be something great. Here's to a year of hard work toward that goal!

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