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Academic Calendar

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Current Academic Calendar

Academic YearPDFWord Document
2014-2015available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]

Future Academic Calendar by Year

Academic YearWord Document/Important Message

*This is a tentative calendar only [PDF]. Chancellor’s Office approval required. Dates are subject to change. Revised April 30, 2013.”

Past Academic Calendar by Year

Academic YearPDFWord Document
(Begins Fall Semester 2013)
available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2012-2013available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2011-2012available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2010-2011available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2009-2010available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2008-2009available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2007-2008available [PDF]available [WROD DOC]
2006-2007available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2005-2006available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2004-2005available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2003-2004available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]
2002-2003available [PDF]available [WORD DOC]