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Academic Affairs Division e-Newsletter

Dr. Ellen Junn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Ellen Junn
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
California State University,
Dominguez Hills
Office: WH D-440
(310) 243-3307

Welcome to our fall 2015 Academic Affairs Division e-Newsletter. I’m so excited to share the many exciting things happening in Academic Affairs about students and faculty! A special thank you to all the faculty and students who participated in contributing to the newsletter by sharing their stories, teaching methods, achievements, and appreciation. This newsletter celebrates faculty and students, shared in their voice, in the form of videos, interviews, questionnaires, and testimonial contributions.

The First-Year “Dream” Seminar (FYS) pilot was successfully launched fall 2015! It takes my breath away to see the amount of passion, creativity and student engagement taking place in these FYS courses. Featured in our newsletter are three incredible faculty: Dr. Shari Berkowitz on “False Memories and the Law”, Dr. Corina Benavides Lopez on “Brown and Black Educational Experiences”, and Dr. Jose Martinez on “The Economics of Discrimination” and their wonderful students who share with us their thoughts and feelings on what they have learned.

A new page in CSUDH history commenced this fall 2015 semester with the use of multiple Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) created with new state-of-the-art technology. Three faculty, Dr. Erin Merz on “Health Psychology”, Dr. Thomas Norman on “Management and Theory”, and Dr. Kenneth Rodriguez on “Chemistry for the Citizen” and their delightful students share their testimonials of these ALC environments all designed to foster student-centered active learning experiences. Thank you all for sharing your classrooms and experiences with us!

Are you a faculty thinking about applying for a grant? Dr. Dorota Huizinga and Mr. Craig Geber from Graduate Studies and Research discuss opportunities to get you started! This article celebrates seven faculty as Rising Stars of Grants for Research: Drs. Kelli Beard, Ann Chlebicki, Roger Green, Kamal Hamdan, Terry McGlynn, Jennifer Sumner, and Fang Wang.

With special thanks to Naomi Moy, CSUDH is the leader in Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) offering ways to increase faculty opportunities to lower the cost of textbooks for students. Faculty and students share their knowledge and experiences gained from the AL$ program. On her mission to increase awareness and reduce the cost of textbooks, Naomi provides exciting new initiatives and offerings for faculty to learn about and use.

We have so many things to celebrate! These and more are offered in the Academic Affairs Division e-Newsletter. This newsletter is our opportunity to highlight accomplishments, address campus topics, and invite feedback from our diverse vibrant community.


With warmest wishes,
Ellen Junn, Provost

Academic Affairs Fall Welcome 2015

Dr. Ellen Junn delivers the Academic Affairs Fall Welcome 2015 meeting to campus community on August 17, 2015 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm in the Loker Student Union.

Download the PPT presentation.

Academic Affairs Fall Welcome 2015 presentation


Fall 2014

Provost Ellen Junn provided a CSUDH Academic Affairs Fall 2014 Welcome Meeting.

Spring 2014

Provost's Forum

The second and last Provost's Forum of the spring semester was held on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. Provost Junn discussed accomplishments, enhanced communications, several upcoming classroom renovations and more! The campus was invited to participate with the interactive discussion using their cell phone, smartphone, ipad or laptop.

If you missed the Provost's Forum, no problem! We've included links to the presentation, videotaped forum and examples of brilliant new classroom technology to share with you.

Video examples of classroom enhancements with new technology.

Provost's Welcome Forum

At this first forum, Thursday, February 6, 2014, Provost Junn provided an update and sought input about various issues in Academic Affairs. Everyone was invited to participate in this interactive discussion using their cell phone, smartphone, ipad or laptop.